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Working With Patients:

Working With Patients: Test your Skills

Test your knowledge.
Sharpen your skills.
Working with patients with PTSD is an active process. Now is the time to test your newfound knowledge.

Unlike the previous simulations, these next three take you through all three stages of the PTSD Toolkit from start to end. As before, you will be tasked to select the response that best leads a patient towards a helpful referral.

To start your test, please download the free app at ITunes or Google Play on a mobile device such as smartphone and tablet computer.

Your performance will be actively scored throughout the simulation. Score above % on each simulation to qualify for taking exit survey.

Scenario 1: Lisa Spignulo
Lisa Spignulo has been a service member for the past 14 years. She has had several deployments in the Middle East. Her most recent deployment was to Iraq, where she witnessed frequent combat-related injuries and violence such as amputations, disfigurements, and bombings. She returned home to Long Island, NY, where she is currently raising two sons with her husband of 16 years. Launch
Scenario 2: Michael Jones
Michael Jones is a 39-year-old African-American male who served in the army from 2004-2006. During this period he was deployed to Iraq. Since returning he has had trouble reintegrating. His family life with his wife and four children is rocky, and he is seeking employment. He is currently being treated in the Emergency Department for minor injuries related to a bar brawl. Launch
Scenario 3: Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez is a single, 20-year-old Mexican-American US Navy veteran. She served for 2 years, during which she was deployed to Equatorial Guinea to work as a translator. She was released with an honorable discharge 6 months ago related to PTSD symptoms following a traumatic experience while serving. She was transferred from a medical-surgical unit to the inpatient psychiatric unit last night after recovery from a suicide attempt. She is currently on suicide precautions. Launch

Congratulations! You have proven your ability to guide patients towards recovery.

We ask that you take an exit survey to assess your level of improvement.

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